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Cole Hann has the worst online customer service. Two issues:

1. I submit an order for two pairs of oxford. Right after I submit, I read the review saying the show run small. I called immediately asking if I could change the size, the answer is NO, NOTHING WE CAN DO. So fine, I placed the order, I take the responsibility.

2. Then the shoe arrive. One pair is fine. The other pair, it's dirty! Dirty on the bottom and it has a square where a sticker used to be. Cole Hann is selling USED , RETURNED, or FLOOR SAMPLE as new shoes. What angry me the most is when I called, the customer lady had the nerve telling me that I was trying to make up excuse to return the shoes. I told her straight the size actually worked out fine. But they shouldn't be selling used shoes as NEW SHOES. She make it sounds like I'm trying to *** them into return the shoe. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'LL EVER BUY FROM THEM! NOT WORTH THE TIME!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cole Haan Shoes.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #870995

Girl...stop it. More than likely this was a floor sample, however, the shoe looks barely tried on, due to a.

the style and b. the size. I'm guessing you wear either a 5.5 or a 6.

Average size shoe is about a 9. There is virtually no wear on the bottom of the left shoe, you are being ridiculous and no I don't work with Cole Haan.

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