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First time I ever shopped at one of your stores I spent $418 on my son. Bought four pair of shoes and two pair of socks for my son I went to return the socks (7.63) the general manager, Katrina at the Auburn Hills store refused to return a pair of socks.

They have never been worn the package was simply opened and retaped closed. My son realized they were too small of a sock. I think for $7.63 you've just lost a customer. I will be returning the shoes that my son has not worn and I will never be back.

Awful customer service and very poor choice by your general manager who wouldn't even walk out on the floor And hid in her office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cole Haan Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Orion Charter Township, Michigan, United States #1262942

What's with the socks???? Here's my email to the company about socks I purchased for my husband from the SAME store dealing with the SAME manager:

I am writing you this email to tell you of the worst customer service experience I have ever experienced in my life.

On Friday, December 23, 2016, I purchased a pack of socks and a pair of leather shoes for my husband from your store at Great Lakes Crossing mall in Michigan. He opened the gift on 12/25/16. He put on one pair of socks (it was a set of three pair) and his new brown leather shoes to check out the fit. When he removed the shoes, approximately 5 minutes after trying them on, he looked at the sock and noticed it ripped at the seams by the heel, simply from putting it on his foot.

I told him to take the socks off and I would return them. Today, 12/28/16, which is two days after the present of socks were gifted, I had the opportunity to get back to the store to return the socks. I presented her the socks, the reciept of purchase and explained in detail what occured. I was told by the clerk that they could not be returned because they were unwrapped.

I explained they were never "wrapped". Then she said they couldn't be returned due to the fact that they were worn. Worn?!? He put them on his foot to try on his new shoes!

She pointed out a small brown mark on the sock. The pair of shoes purchased from the store were brown leather. Someone that has ever worn shoes, especially someone working in a shoe store should know that brown or black leather can make marks on socks. Again, we are talking about a 2 day turn around time here, not months.

And yes, he put them on his feet. Why wouldn't he? And for 13 dollars, why in Heaven's name would you not stand by your product that it won't be destroyed by one placement on a foot? What would my game be here?

That my husband got a heyday with a 13 dollar sock for 2 days, decided he didn't want them and now we need our 13 bucks back? This whole situation is completely ridiculous. I asked the clerk to speak to the manager. To my surprise and disgust, she said she was one.

I asked to speak to a different manager. She was very vague about the other manager above her, when she'd be in the store and how to get in touch with her, although she did provide me with a card that had the store's phone number. The woman told me I could just keep calling until I reached her. Let me tell you, my husband DID NOT wear these socks.

The fact that I had to argue with this woman about this (in front of my kids) is the worst customer service ever.

I then reported this situation to the management of the mall. She made a phone call and I was told Taylor, the co manager (how many managers work at a store at one time? Why wasn't I directed to Taylor when I was in the store asking to speak to someone else????) would return the socks. So, back to the store I went.

Taylor explained that the first manager was correct and the store policy is to not return worn merchandise, but she'd make an exception one time. THE SOCKS WERE NOT WORN. THEY WERE TRIED ON. She said that's the sock policy, I questioned whether I could not return my husband's shoes because he wore them to see if they fit and she said it's different.

How is that different? Needless to say, the shoes, which are fine and fit well will also be returned due to this experience. And Taylor will not have to worry about her one time courtesy, because other than to return the shoes, I will never enter that or any other Cole Haan store again.

And I reiterate, all over a 13 dollar pair of socks. Unreal.

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